The Story Behind Cowherd PLC

Every law firm is begins for a reason. Cowherd PLC fills gaps in the subject-matter of services available to land and business owners with a client-centered approach.  I started my attorney career practicing in other firms. I learned much of what I know from experienced lawyers taking care of their clients. I noticed that in real estate, construction, and land use matters, the developers, institutional landlords, builders, community associations and governmental institutions easily found lawyers well organized to serve them. By contrast, landowners, tenants, and closely-held businesses struggle to find the right lawyer because of geographic distance, aspects of general practice attorneys taking on unfamiliar matters, or the reluctance of specialized law firms to represent individuals. This holds true even when the landowner can afford to hire an attorney who charges by the billable hour. Many attorneys leaving larger law firms turn to personal injury, family law, criminal defense, or estate planning practices. Meanwhile, laws and regulations governing the improvement, use, leasing and sale of property become more complicated each year.

After practicing at a Northern Virginia general practice law firm for nine years, I decided to start a solo law practice to help owners protect their rights. Cowherd PLC represents investors, owners and family-owned businesses in motions, trials, administrative action and arbitration. To help clients best position themselves to likely obtain favorable results, I have deposed and cross-examined opposing parties and expert witnesses.  I represent owners or tenants in community associations, adjoining landowner disputes, construction litigation, commercial landlord-tenant and other property cases. I practice in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the District of Columbia. Over the years, I developed continuing relationships with land records researchers, engineers, building code experts, and appraisers that I work with on client matters to achieve the best interests of my clients. Landowners may be led to believe that they have little choice but to give in to someone’s demand or leave the property, but often this is not true. HOAs, contractors, and other opponents aren’t required to tell the owner how they can protect themselves, even though there often are several options to changing the direction of the case by careful evaluation of the case and consideration of various litigation or non-litigation alternatives. 


Service Area

Cowherd PLC’s client base includes a representative cross section of the population of Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. respondent, which is known for being diverse, successful, and highly educated.

  • Virginia & Washington D.C.

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